Your Sentiments


Your Sentiments

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Author: Julieta Aurelio

Country:  South Africa

Genre: Poetry

Type: eBook

ISBN No: 978-1-990951-99-2


Julieta grew up not saying much. This made room for a lot of thinking space and from the age of 13, she resented life, the only reason she pushed on, was to spread the gospel of the Lord, she reached out to church leaders and mentors, who told her to pray it away. She found everything in life futile, questioning her existence and finding more comfort in pens and poetry than she ever did from her parents, mentors and church leaders.

Throughout many downs, some poems were attempts of changing her insides through precedence. Trying to be unauthentic hoping by the end of a faked happy prose, some of it would begin to brew inside her. Not aware of it then-it truly may have. Thoughts, feelings and experiences in prose. All about her sentiments…

1 review for Your Sentiments

  1. Abilio

    Hearty, what a journey

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