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Author: Jaaziyah

Country: Kenya

Genre: Fiction

Type: eBook/EPUB/MOBI


When Jennah’s husband passes away she finds herself having to pick her whole life up and move in with her daughter, Sorah, and her grandchildren, Hafez and Aziza.

When a journal from Jennah’s youth reveals itself Jennah is forced to travel back in time to confront an old lover and a past that she had left behind

4 reviews for Skeletons

  1. Iram shiraz satar

    Very Motivating

  2. soafricane

    A love story told in retrospect with tons of sweet and sour nostalgia.
    A love story surrounded by other love stories; proving the inevitability of life, the choices we have to make and moving on with those choices.
    Told so intimately. A charming read.

  3. Kashan

    Phenomenal read one that shows you how decisions mould the path you take. A must read. Jaaziyah is one hell of a writer , nostalgia intimacy and rough and tough love this book has it all.

  4. Mauka

    I just love it

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