Hekaya Issue No. 1 – Jihadi Brides & Other Stories


Hekaya Issue No. 1 – Jihadi Brides & Other Stories


Authors: Moraa Gitaa, Farrah Bhaijee, Abdul-Qadir Mahmoud, Munyiri Muchoki, Lorraine Kwoba, Vivian Vanisha, Marcel Aduda, Abu Amirah, Ms. Kyesubire Greigg, Shadrack Katana, Abdullahi Jamaa, Leah Odungo

Country: Kenya

Genre: Collection Of Stories

Type: eBook


Jihadi Brides is the first short story anthology from the Kenyan coast and consists of a dozen stories. The narratives draw from a variety of themes that portray a very strong coastal identity and the collection is an introduction statement boldly spelling out that narratives from the less represented coastal creative space matter. The publication of the anthology thus became a significant step towards having progressive conversations about literature production and consumption in the Kenyan coast.

The choice to have Jihadi Brides as the theme story for the anthology was informed by the author’s powerful and compelling narrative which takes a young Muslim girl from the safety of her Kibokoni house where she witnesses firsthand the assassination of her father to the unsafe hands of radicalizers via internet to the war front where, along with other girls, she becomes the bride of a jihadist. Jihadi Brides as a story on its own clearly portrays how the politics of the war on terror have played into the psychology of the children and youth of Kibokoni area in Mombasa and how they have been boxed into the center of a space whose periphery is fear.


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