“Get To Know The Author” – Klynic

Klynic is a Nigerian author, singer, songwriter and Stardom Nigeria 2018 finalist. His book, Into The Mind of Klynic is a collection of beautifully worded poems.

What is your book about?

It’s a compilation of 50 of my best poetic writes. This book tells a story of love, life, nature and the emotions that make it all intertwined.

What inspired you to write?

The Need to use words to tell stories that aren’t being told.

What does this book mean to you?

It’s helps me remember how pivotal and important literature is in our society, it’s also a means of escape when you need to find comfort and solace in words… I mean, most times I read my own poems and I’m amazed at my use of words and other poetic languages. It just let’s me know how important writers are to the society.

What was the writing process like?

Interesting I must say, these works were written over time. Some days I just put pen to paper and an entire piece is birthed, other times I’ll have just a verse or a line and sleep on it for days. In all, the journey is what is important to me. There’s a piece of me in every single one of the poems in this book.

You can find Into The Mind of Klynic in our bookstore.

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