5 Book Promotion Tips

Marketing your book starts before you finish writing your title. Simply put, you’ll need to have a plan of action from conception to inception.  

You’ve finally finished writing your book and you now want to get it into the hands of readers. There are so many things that need to be done, before, during and after the writing process. Some of which we will touch on, in this post.  We believe the listed things below should help make the journey to selling and marketing your title less frustrating and exciting. 


It goes without saying that before you even consider marketing and promoting your book, it would need to have gone through the ins and outs of editorial work. These include extensive/substantive editing, proofreading, formatting just to name a few. Once you have ironed out these things it would be safe to say you are ready to move on to the next phase 

2.Marketing Plan

Here, you’ll primarily focus on preparing an action list that must include;

  1. Ideal goals for your book – Tentative launch dates, sales targets and reach.
  2. Formats – The type of formatting your book will be available in:- Print, electronic (eReads and audio) or both.
  3. Target market – Based on genre, age groups, demographics, regions and language.
  4. Book blurb – A lot of thought and effort needs to go into this because a synopsis of what your book is about can significantly contribute to selling your title. 
  5. Social media engagement – Platforms that you will focus on and forums you will engage with on those platforms
  6. Reaching out to peer reviewers – They could be friends, strangers, writers of the same genre, industry “experts”, book publishing agencies-anyone that will give you constructive feedback on your book.

3.Cover Art

You know what they say about first impressions … You would want to engage and invest in a good designer who will help with making your title visually appealing to the masses. Before they read the beautiful content in the book they’ll need to be drawn in by what it looks like on the outside. Overlooking this may greatly affect the reception of your book. If you think you could do it yourself to save some pennies, you definitely could, but make sure you get a second, third, fourth and fifth professional opinion before you conclusively settle on a book cover.


We know how difficult and expensive it is to have come this far with your book, and for us to come along and tell you to give it away-for free, seems like an insult. But consider this, the person you’ll give it to will probably mention it to someone and refer them to you, this might be a long shot. 

Nevertheless, you definitely get the book into another readers hands and quite possibly into the hands of another. At the very least offer discounts if free giveaways are out of the question. To add on, your freebies could be targeted towards book reviewers and agencies. 


Your online presence would be important for this phase of the books life. In the age of the internet, you can’t ignore social media and its power to influence. From number 5 of the marketing plan on the list, use social media platforms, forums and circles you had targeted and engaged with to promote your title. Goodreads, Pinterest are largely overlooked but will play a key role in getting acquainted with fellow authors and readers and not to mention, Twitter.

One more thing. Plan your launch around things like seasons, holidays, events and special occasions so that you title may ride on the wave/buzz that’s already been created. 

Now set forth and may you have abundant success in your writing and with your book(s).

Till next post.

Kwaherini! 🙂

P.S We would love your feedback or input.  

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  1. Kate says:

    Really useful article . Lots to think about and plan !

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