Little Things


Little Things


Author: Cory Plimo

Country: Kenya

Genre: Poetry

Type: eBook/EPUB/MOBI


“Littleness” may seem a bad idea to both the poor and the rich. To the former by virtue of lack of means, to the latter by shortness of life. Set in Kenya, Little Thingsis a collection of forty poems that superficially are little, but cryptic on the contrary. It captures in a memorable, titillating handiwork the daily hardships that are a workaday issue to the Kenyan pauper.

Little Things  is poetry of the deep small. The span of its thematic concerns is a web of politics, religion, culture, growing up, perfidy, nature and, above all, love. The setting is a fictional Kenyan village peopled with a struggling peasantry whose detest for the longevity of life is manifest; they wish they could short-live the penury or life in absurdity. On the other hand the gentrified populace wish they could extend life in order to enjoy their lavish materialism.

In the midst of this state of events rests love, a very cryptic, unfathomable idea best understood piecemeal, like the little poems that could be the literal symbolism of both the peasantry and the strategy to acquire know-how. “Littleness” however is a merciless vermin eating both the lower and upper class with pain so equal that it is a cause for concern.


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