A Series Of Bad Self-portraits (Edition II)


A Series Of Bad Self-portraits (Edition II)

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Author: Rediet Worku.

Country: Ethiopia

Genre: Poetry

Type: eBook

ISBN No: 9781642556391

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There are some stories that take courage to tell. These are the stories about darkness and our encounters with odd creatures. These stories rarely have happy endings and illuminate anguish in its purest form. These are the stories that will make you cringe and leave you counting pages. These are the stories about my inability to count sheep, even though I crave to concentrate on anything but this endless abyss. These are the tales of life after love and discovering the secrets of the universe while sipping tea. The authors life is a combination of both, it is neither solely constituted of sad stories nor colorful tales. Her life is a series of bad self-portraits. For even when she knows herself she does not; all she has ever known are ideas of herself.

1 review for A Series Of Bad Self-portraits (Edition II)

  1. Julie Ringe

    I cried. A lot. There’s something about Worku’s work that leaves me completely tense, while feeling warm inside. Perhaps it’s because I can relate to her writing. Perhaps it’s because her words are so genuinely beautiful. Perhaps because she does what I long to do: taking my feelings of loneliness, worthlessness and self-doubt and transform them into art. I’m so glad I stumbled upon her.

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